This is a list of most of the tools we have. If we don’t have it and it is of use to the group we may buy tools on request, even for temporary users. If coming for specific tools please mention this so we can make sure it is on site and in good working order for your arrival.

Bandsaw: Axminster Jet JWBS-20Q

Belt Sander: Axminster OES 80CS ‘oscillating edge sander’

Belt/Disc Sander: Draper 350W

Lathe: Axminster Perform CCL (155mm spindle height)

Mitre Saw: Dewalt DW712 with stand and extension arms

Circular Saw: Festool TS 55 REBQ Plus

Pillar Drill/Drill Press: Large old Nutool w/ clamps etc.

Scroll Saw: Delta 406.4mm

Router Table and Routers

Cordless drill drivers: Various Mikita and off brand Driver Drills

Corded drills: Various

Clarke rotary tool system (corded, dremel style)

Jigsaw: Mikita 4300BV

Corded sanders: various

Hand Tools: Various (no planes or chisels)

Levels and clamps: Various

Various extraction/vacuums

Vacuum pump: Edwards E2M2

Large opaque vacuum/compression chamber, cylinder, 300mm x 600mm approx.

RTV moulding equipment

3d Printer: Makerbot Replicator 2 (extra charge)

Printer/scanner: Epson Wf 7515 (a3 printing and scanning)

Cutting mats

Guillotine A3