Architecture Journal: In pictures: Southbank Centre unwraps ‘Festival of Neighbourhood’ (June 2013)

Scout Ltd designed the Symbols of welcome for the festival, which RARA built and installed.

Blueprint Magazine: Making It (June 2013)

Article about RARA, Assemble and join, and Assemble studios.

The Architectural Review: Runner Up: Joe Swift, London, UK (Sept 2012)

Joe wins runner up in AR’s GAGA awards for work on RARA. Whiff Waff Olympics at RARA (July 2012)

In association with RIBA London, The Redundant Architects Recreation Association (RARA) is celebrating this diamond year of sport by hosting the unofficial Whiff Whaff Olympics.

Treehugger: 3-Way Ping Pong Table Seen at London’s Clerkenwell Design Week (June 2012)

Laure’s Ping Pang Pong project, made at RARA.

Timeout RARA profile 2012

Time out think Clapton is in Shoreditch…

Bargetopia in Japan’s ‘Axis’ Magazine

Axis were particularly interested in Bargetopia as it embodied an endeavour that Japanese culture might be too “ashamed” to embrace – architects openly admitting that times were tough. Are recessions good for architecture?

Hopefully these tough times will help us take a different, more discerning look as to the service our profession is expected to provide to society and produce a much more considerate, honest and exciting design process for the future.

Architecture Journal: Royal institute of brewing architects (June 2011)

Redundant Architects Recreation Society (RARA) has launched a new beer brewed solely by unemployed architects (paywalled)

Architecture Journal: Sam Potts Obituary June 2011

Sam Potts, the co-founder of the Redundant Architects Recreation Association (RARA), was one of architecture‘s ‘shining young stars’ writes Alex Scott-Whitby. Article unfortunately paywalled.

BD: Sam Potts Obituary June 2011

He went on to co-found Rara in an industrial unit in Clapton, east London, which he described as “an energetic infrastructure designed and built with minimum resources to be as flexible and open to creative use as possible.

Architecture Journal: RARA wins Resourceful Architect competition (May 2011)

Paywalled announcement from AJ

Architecture Journal RARA Profile May 2011

Some words from the AJ The Mill (March 2011)

A report on The Mill project

Blueprint Magazine: Once upon a wartime (Jan 2011)

Article about Once upon a Wartime project, completed by Pippa Nissen studio at RARA.

BD: Photo book focuses on redundant architects (Feb 2010)

Among those featured are Sophie Teh, a project architect at Van Heyningen & Haward until September last year, who is opening a cake shop, Adrian Welch, founder of, and Sam Potts, creator of the Redundant Architects Recreation Association, which provides affordable work space for architect jobseekers in east London.

Independent: Blueprint for a new career (2010)

Sam and Sarah feature in this article about redundant architects.

Nice photo of Sam at RARA on the Indy website.